About Us

Hadrian are a critically acclaimed London rock/metal band with a dynamic, non-linear approach to their music. Hadrian previously rocked the O2 Islington, the 100 Club and Hard Rock Cafe. They are now in the top 10 best rock bands in London – a well-deserved accolade for the ones bearing the Roman Emperor’s name.

The music is at the sharpened edge of rock and metal – and it is often bleeding into one or the other.

Jump with Hadrian in the Oblivion as they take you through the dark forest. The ride continues through caves and tunnels, but then something else shows up on the horizon. The sun and the grassy hills are still here, albeit a bit different than before.

Your feet never leave the ground but you may feel an inexplicable lightness in your body, and the uncontrollable urge to become the music. It is a rock concert in London after all, and Hadrian never shy away from exploring the darkness in their music.